After years of helping professional athletes return from injury, enhance their performance, and excel at their sport, they were determined to create a similar environment for the general public.  Disappointed with the traditional physical therapy clinic and fitness environments, they sought to recreate the integrated sports medicine model used to enhance performance by creating a hybrid model of physical therapy, biomechanical assessment, sports performance training, sports science, and adult fitness.

Our mission is simply to help you:


To assure we achieve this mission, we base everything around three main principles:

1. Provide an Elite Level Experience

  • We provide elite level physical therapy, sports performance training, and adult fitness for motivated individuals that are looking to do what it takes to perform optimally and get the most out of their bodies.
  • Our goal is to always be a center of excellence in regard to outcomes, satisfaction, research, education, and employee development
  • We will maximize your outcomes through comprehensive assessment, program design, treatment, training, and coaching
  • We always strive to exceed expectations and provide the most effective, safe, and research-driven programs to achieve your goals.
  • We pledge to always provide cutting edge services and will continue to evolve as new technology and techniques become available.  Our own personal focus is on education and expanding our skills.  We never stop learning so you never stop advancing.
  • We will assure you get the care you need.  We have a network of complementary health care and fitness providers, including the top doctors in the area and across the nation.  If you have any additional health and wellness needs, we can help coordinate the care you need from the experts we trust.  This assures proper attention and communication for your best interest.

2. Emphasize Individualized Care, Focus, and Attention to Detail

  • We provide exceptional individualized care to our clients by giving you the personal time and attention to detail that you deserve
  • We value an individualized approach to your program; we do not use cookie-cutter programs for all of our clients.  This assures you get exactly what you need.
  • Our sessions are not rushed and our appointments are not overbooked
  • We pride ourselves on spending one-on-one time with you utilizing a hands-on approach
  • Our focus is on outcomes, culture, client experience, and client satisfaction, not revenue.

3. Optimize Health and Performance Through an Integrated Approach to Performance-Based Physical Therapy and Training

  • Through our integrated model, we are capable of providing an entire approach to health, wellness, and performance that assures you get the care you need.
  • We can help you recover from injuries or surgery, get stronger, and perform better.
  • We will guide you through the injury process and help you return to optimal health and wellness, not just back to baseline.
  • Our integrated team assures that we are always communicating and collaborating to help you achieve your best.


Traditional Physical Therapy and Fitness Models are Not Providing the Best Care Possible

The changing healthcare system has caused a reduction in the quality of physical therapy in which PT’s treat symptoms and not the underlying cause, over-utilize modalities without good evidence, and provide unsupervised exercises that are too often delegated to lesser-qualified support personnel.  People are rushed through appointments, hands-on time is reduced and often non-existent, while your PT is trying to help too many other patients at the same time.  Insurance companies are dictating the services you receive, not your healthcare provider.

Meanwhile, the fitness industry has exploded, resulting in a diluted market that has caused a reduction in the quality of fitness and performance training.  Bootcamps and group strength training programs are being performed without proper assessments, individualization, or attention to your specific needs.  This often leads to either a lack of results or worse, injury.

TRL PT and Performance emphasizes a hands-on approach that includes a thorough biomechanical assessment of how the body moves and functions to determine what specific muscle imbalances and movement impairments may be leading to dysfunction or limiting your performance.  We then offer an individualized approach by a skilled team in a dynamic small group-training environment.  This produces amazing results for a wide variety of people with a safe, fun, and effective program specific to your needs.

Everyone Should Have Access to Elite Level Care, Similar to Professional Athletes

After years of helping professional athletes return from injury and excel at their sport, we are determined to create a similar environment for the general public.  Disappointed with the traditional physical therapy clinic and fitness environments, TRLPT and Performance seeks to recreate the sports medicine model used to enhance elite athletic performance by creating an integrated model of physical therapy, fitness, and performance enhancement training in an environment that is suitable for all ages and activity levels.

Our integrated environment assures proper communication and collaboration to assure you are getting the level of care you deserve and help you optimize your health, wellness, and performance.  Our model is built to assure you get everything you need.

You deserve the best.  TRL PT and Performance is here to help you achieve your best.


At TRL PT and Performance, we pride ourselves in our commitments to our patients, clients, team, and community.  Every member of our team is determined to uphold our core values in everything we do.

Our core values include:

  • Welcome each patient and client as a member of our team and family – we are here to help you achieve your goals
  • Do whatever it takes to exceed expectations by focusing on the client experience, satisfaction, and outcomes
  • Bring our “A” game with a positive and compassionate attitude
  • Have fun but always be professional
  • Focus on working and growing together to enhance the team by attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business
  • Never stop learning and advancing to better serve our clients
  • Engage in research and education to advance ourselves, as well as our professions by sharing this information
  • Lead by example by participating in a healthy lifestyle
  • Support our communities and engage in activities that promote health and wellness
  • Always take full responsibility and be accountable for our actions to honor the integrity of our mission, vision, and core values